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(continue from Pastor Brett’s Advent reflection)…

RIVER is an Advent word for during this season we hear of John the Baptist baptizing in the river Jordon. He proclaimed a baptism of repentance, a washing and a turning around

(returning) to God. Baptism is a

celebration of the truth that God carries our and EVERY other

person and their stories along the

banks of time. Baptism is the claiming at a specific time in history acheter viagra that indeed the one being baptized has always been and always will be a child of God; that the promises of God have always

been, and always will be true for the one being baptized. It as if, at this moment, the one who steps into the RIVER is forever viagra sans ordonnance changed just as the river will never be the same because someone stepped into it. That water will never be in the same place again nor will the

one who stepped into it. EVERY single one of us, baptized or not, is carried by the river of the life of God. A baptism is a claiming that this has always been and will always be so for the one baptized. It is a celebration of truth. It is, a recognition, a turning toward, a returning to the truth, that the Divine embraces me and embraces EACH of my neighbors, no matter their story. The Way of Jesus, to which John the Baptist is the forerunner, is for us to claim this truth again, and again, moment to moment as the stories of our lives unfold.