Vocal Music Programs

Senior Choir

Adult/older youth singers who rehearse weekly (Thursday evening); music reading skills not required. The choir sings in worship twice a month.

Festival Choir

Adult/older youth singers who rehearse for 6 weeks during the Christmas and Easter seasons. They sing on Easter Sunday and the 2nd Sunday of Advent.


Adult singers who read music and have some choral singing background. They sing in worship as their schedules allow and rehearse the morning of the service in which they participate.

Gospel Choir

Adult singers directed by JoAnn Cubberley. Rehearse Sunday 9:45-10:45AM. Music reading skills not required. The choir sings in worship 1 – 2 times a month.

Vocal Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartets

Opportunities for singers of varying ages to participate in worship as schedules allow.

Children's Music Ministry

Currently for 2nd to 6th graders. They meet about twice a month on Sundays following the 11:00 am service. Their rehearsal is for an hour and includes drumming, singing & ringing. Please see the current Choir schedule for rehearsal dates (see website below).


Youth Singers

(3rd grade & up) opportunities for singers in this age range to blend their talents for worship. Meet on Wednesday evening.

Junior Choir

For children in 2nd thru 6th grade. No experience necessary. Children will learn about the service, the fundamentals of music (learning to read rhythms and follow a piece of music). They sing at a service every 5 to 6 weeks, once at each service (8:15 and 11:00). Directed by Guy Kirk. Meets Wednesdays 6:30-7:00PM.

Youth Choir

Grades 7 through 12: This choir is a place for our youth to sing with joy. Selections from traditional to contemporary striving for a mix of genres, but many times the group picks out the music. Building on their school experiences with music, as well as choirs, most is done in 2 or 3 parts so that the youth experience the fun of singing in harmony. Guitar players are also welcome, as some music is more appropriately accompanied by guitar. Directed by Debbie Zellers.

Instrumental Music Programs

Peals of Praise Bell Choir

Experienced adult & older youth ringers with good music reading skills and a few years of bell ringing experience. They rehearse weekly and ring in worship as their schedules allow.

Sounds of Glory Bell Choir

Adult and youth bell ringers with varying degrees of music reading skills rehearse weekly directed by JoAnn Cubberley. They ring in worship 1 – 2 times a month.

Youth Bells

Grades 9-12 meets Wednesdays 6 – 7 PM. Ability to read music is required for this group of Senior High Youth. Previous bell ringing experience is desirable. Advanced bell techniques are taught. Music selections are varied from classical to contemporary. Directed by Jo Ann Cubberley.

Laudate Ringers

3rd grade and up. Meets Wednesday from 7-7:45PM. Young ringers must complete one year with the Archangel Chimers. Older students with music reading experience may qualify.They perform every 4-5 weeks, alternating between Sunday service times. Co-directed by Guy Kirk and JoAnn Cubberley.

Peace Ringers

Young ringers from 3rd grade and up who have at least one year of beginning ringing and/or music reading skills. They rehearse on Wednesday evenings and ring in worship every 6 weeks.

YAHs Ringers

Retired adults with varying degrees of music reading skills who meet on Monday at 1:00pm to enjoy the fun of making music and learning music reading and ringing skills. We are not a performing choir but meet for fellowship and fun.


Opportunities for adult and youth instrumentalists are offered as solos, duets, trios and larger ensembles. They participate in worship as their schedules allow.

Music Patron

Prince of Peace is privileged to have a Patron for our Worship and Music Ministry. Our Patron would like to stay anonymous but we would like to share with everyone the lovely notes sent with each monetary donation. Our Worship and Music Ministry is a wonderful group of people who give their time and talents so freely and are willing to share their musical gifts as we all praise and worship God. Thank you to all!