New Jersey Synod’s International Servant Trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina!

This summer will be the 14th year that our synod is sending a team to share in ministry with the people of Bosnia. Prince of Peace will be well represented on the Travel Team this year, and we hope to have a good representation on the Home Team as well. Sharon Elliott is serving as the Sewing Project Coordinator for the whole ministry, and we have lined up opportunities for you to serve as members of this team as well! We welcome you to these many opportunities, and hope that that you take part in this very exciting and life-changing ministry. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Pray: We ask that you pray for the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina; for the people and organizations that we have relationships with; for the preparations and coordination that needs to happen in order for the trip to happen; and most importantly, for peace.


March 2, 2014: Family Friendship Camp!

All are welcome to come and experience a day of camp! It will be similar to ones we have held in schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

March 9, 2014: Home Team Sunday!

After the 11 o’clock service, we will be gathering to paint tote bags, prepare for the sewing project, and share in conversation about the ministry.

Pledge: On the pillar, to the left as you exit the sanctuary, there is a poster covered in envelopes! On each envelope there is a number. Each number has significance and corresponds with a fact about this ministry or the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Pick an envelope of your choosing; knowing that the number written on the outside is the amount you pledge to give towards this ministry. Put your money pledge in the envelope and hand it in. The money collected will go towards the travel team fees of our members that are traveling this summer! Please, be sure to write your name on the log so that we can keep track of your pledge. Do you think we can clear all the envelopes from the wall in order to reveal the hidden artwork behind it?