Lay Eucharist Ministry

The Lay Eucharistic Ministry provides communion for members of our congregation who are unable to attend worship. Following our worship services, Lay Eucharistic Ministers (or LEMs) distribute the elements of bread and wine to the ill or homebound.

Communion is delivered wherever the individual’s reside. This currently includes homes, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities. This process maintains a clear and strong connection between members of our congregation who are assembled in worship and those who are unable to be with us at our table of fellowship.

LEM’s participate in a 4-week training program to prepare them to participate in this ministry. Preparation involves study of the liturgy and theology of the sacrament as well as hands on practice and role-playing. Various situational circumstances are also discussed.

To receive Holy Communion or information about joining the Lay Eucharistic Ministry, contact one of the Pastors or Ginny Fink, Coordinator of Lay Eucharistic Ministry.