PRINCE OF PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH welcomes all who are seeking God’s love and grace. We welcome all because God welcomes all, regardless of race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status. We welcome all without regard to addictions, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socioeconomic circumstances, or anything that too often divides us. We welcome all without regard to where you are on your personal faith journey, whether you are a life-long Lutheran, you come from another faith tradition, you are doubting, or whether you have no faith practice at all.

Our unity is in Christ, who embraces all.


In-Person / Outdoor Saturday Services

at 5:30 pm.

(Unless it below 50 degrees or heavy rain.)

Anyone, at any time, who wishes to wear a mask
may do so.
PLEASE bring your own lawn chair.

If it rains please check your emails or Facebook for notifications.

Sunday Morning Worship
at 9:30 am we will be
worshiping together
In-person / Indoors MASKED.

  • In-person Inside the Sanctuary. Some seating will be blocked to help accommodate safer spacing.
  • A special Ionizing air filtration system has been installed on all air handlers for the sanctuary and office wing of the building which kills 99% of viruses and bacteria that flow through the system, including Covid-19.
  • For the safety of unvaccinated children and because we will be singing masks will be required for all when gathering for indoor worship for this next season.
  • Communion will be administered through the bread and wine, or grape juice poured into individual cups in front of the altar.
  • We will keep the glass walls in the back of the sanctuary open as well as the windows and doors in the sanctuary during worship.

For those of you who prefer to continue meeting
on ZOOM for worship,

we will offer a ZOOM WORSHIP SERVICE.

Online Sunday Evening Worship
at 5:30 pm.


(Zoom Room will be posted in the eNewsletter.)

RECEIVING of NEW MEMBERS is for those who desire to join our church family and learn more about POP’s ministry mission with the world and the local community. It is also for anyone who has transferred from another church family and has not formally joined our church.

Email the church office if you are contemplating church membership, please take the step forward and join. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our ministry information.

New Members will be received during a Worship Service in November, yet to be determined.



Mondays 5 – 7 pm
Thursdays 9 – 11 am

Donations and Picking up food is non-contact and totally safe! Just pull up to the curb.

Food Pantry is located in the back of the Church parking lot

Thank you for your continued generosity.
PayPal donations are not individually tracked on your
POP Giving Statements.

2020 Annual Meeting Reports

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Update for Prince of Peace
Beginning Nov. 1

The following update is based upon The Way of Jesus Christ, the updated CDC, NJ State and Burlington County Health Department recommendations to date as well as the those of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

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