Memorial Garden


We have created the Memorial Garden to

  • Proclaim God’s gracious love in Christ Jesus for all people.
  • Provide a resting place for remains of beloved ones.
  • Create a serene place of solace for those who grieve.

Who May Be Interred?

The Memorial Garden is available to anyone desiring to inter the cremated remains (cremains) of a loved one. The cremains are interred directly in the earth, without container, by placing the ashes directly into the soil.

May I Make Future Plans?

Plots may be reserved for future interment by payment of the required fees and completion of registry forms. Plots may be reserved for a maximum of 5 years with an option for renewal as often as desired.

How are interments memorialized?

An engraved leaf, containing the name and dates of birth and death of the person interred, will be placed on the Remembrance Tree.

What are the costs for interment?

A fee of $100 is required to defer the cost of the memorial plaque, engraving and ongoing garden maintenance.

Memorial Garden Guidelines

Cremains are to be interred directly into the ground. Urns or other permanent containers are prohibited by law for this type of Memorial Garden. Ashes may not be scattered on the surface of the earth. Once interred, ashes may not be recovered or relocated.

How will the garden be maintained?

The Memorial Garden Committee is responsible for the ongoing stewardship and maintenance supervision of the garden, with regular maintenance performed by the Property Ministry. Volunteers are always welcome to join in maintaining the enduring garden legacy.

How do I make arrangements?

Arrangements for the use of the Memorial Garden are to be made through the Pastor(s) or by contacting the church office via email or calling 856-983-0607. A registry form must be completed prior to the interment.