Discipleship Practice

Discipleship Practice

DISCIPLESHIP PRACTICE (Sunday School) Begins Sunday, Sept. 16! This program is to help you and your children discover the tools needed to build your relationships with Jesus. Every Sunday, between services, at 9:45 am in Luther Hall. Building relationships take time, it takes practice and lots of communication. Join us and get to know Jesus more intimately. Lots of fun activities are on the schedule for this year! We are SO excited to spend time with your family!

Children's Discipleship Practice 9:45am

All children ages 3 years and up are invited to attend. Submit a registration form if your child is NEW to the Prince of Peace Sunday School Program. Thank you.

Senior High Discipleship Practice 9:45am

Senior High School Students – 9 – 12th grade gather in the F.I.S.H. Bowl Room

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Adult Forum

The Adult Forum is for all adults – young, middle aged, old! There are no age limits. Rather the Forum is intended for all those who are seeking a place where issues that affect us in our daily lives can be openly discussed. We expect differing viewpoints to challenge us to look at our concerns in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Adult Forum meets from 9:45am to 10:45am on Sunday morning between services during the school year. You are invited to pick up your hot coffee in the Narthex and join is in the Rainbow Room for a warm welcome.

Volunteers Needed!

Learning Ministries is looking for volunteers to share their time, talents, and knowledge with the youth of this church. The rewards you will receive are immeasurable when you become a part of the Sunday School team. Call 856-983-0607 to volunteer.